The Mustache Perfector

The Why

Mustache wax. It is great, well, not really. It melts in the summer, and mustache wax  gets clumpy in the winter. Mustache wax is tacky, which means it sticks to your fingers.

Those of us who live busy lives can’t be bothered with washing our hands after handling our handlebars. This is where The Mustache Perfector comes in. Much like the old infomercials, you set it and forget it!

Apply a few drops on each side, and maybe a few more if you have a longer handlebar mustache. Then, work it into your mustache, smooth out while blow drying it, and your mustache will stay where you have put it. It will stay where you put all day, and you can take that to the bank.

Ingredients Matter

We use nothing but the finest blend of trade secret ingredients to provide you with a long lasting hold.

Our product is completely safe. You can get it in your eye or your hair, (although that is not its’ intended use), and The Mustache Perfector will wash out with warm water. It will also wash out with cold or hot water, be we don’t want you to freeze or burn yourself.

Safety. It matters to us.

Mustache Perfection

Jason Heien has always been known for his hair. Always, as in since Middle School. He started cutting his own hair at the weathered age of 12, so he knows a few things about hair, hair care products, brands, and style.

Plus, Jason is married to veteran stylist who really knows her stuff.

Jason recently made national news by winning the covetted Wahl Grooming Man of the Year 2018 Title, that certifies Jason Heien has the best facial hair in America.